Mei-Yu Lee is an assistant professor at Yuanpei University in Taiwan.

National Taiwan University Ph.D. July,2007
National Taiwan University MSc. January,2003
National Central University B.A. June,2001

Journal Papers

  1. Mei-Yu Lee, A new study of Box and Cox model: autocorrelation coefficient and variance of error, Mathematical Economics Letters. (submitted at 2014/5/10, under review)
  2. Mei-Yu Lee, Adequacy of Lagrange Multiplier Test, European Economics Letters. (submitted at 2014/5/8, under review)
  3. Mei-Yu Lee, Limiting theorem in Linear Regression Model, Metrika. (SCIE, EconLit)(submitted at 2014/5/8)
  4. Mei-Yu Lee, The Conflict of Residual and Error in Linear Regression Model with AR(1) Error Process: Computer Simulation Method, Economics and Business Letters. (submitted at 2014/5/13, Awaiting assignment)
  5. Mei-Yu Lee, Randomized Game Bumps into Nash Equilibrium in the Normal Form Game with Payoffs of Normal Distribtuion, International Journal of Game theory and Technology. (submitted at 2014/5/6 by mail, under review)
  6. Mei-Yu Lee, The Pattern of R-Square in Linear Regression Model with First-Order Autoregressive Error Process and Bayesian property, Statistical Inference for Stochastic Processes. (EconLit)(submitted at 2014/5/6, Editor assigned)
  7. Mei-Yu Lee, Payoffs of Uniform Distribution Bumps into Nash Equilibrium with Dominant Strategy in Normal form Game, International Game Theory Review. (EconLit)(submitted at 2014/5/1)
  8. Mei-Yu Lee, Payoffs of U-quadratic Distribution Bumps into Nash Equilibrium with Dominant Strategy in Normal form Game, International Journal of Game Theory. (EconLit)(submitted at 2014/5/1)
  9. Mei-Yu Lee, The limiting property of Durbin-Watson test Statistic, Statistical Methods and Applications. (SCIE, EconLit)(submitted at 2014/4/23, decision in process)
  10. 李玫郁,「論Durbin-Watson檢定之影響因素與檢定表」,經濟論文叢刊。(submitted at 2014/2/17)
  11. Mei-Yu Lee、Yao-Hsien Lee、Ying-Jui Lu, 2012, “Production Mode Choice and Price Competition in The Presence of Network Effects: Shrink-wrap via Cloud Service,” Advanced Materials Research, 542-543, 964-967. (EI)
  12. Hu, Jin-Li, Ming-Chung Chang, and Mei-Yu Lee, 2011, “Economic and Environmental Effects of Refill Packs,” Bulletin of Economic Research.(SSCI)
  13. 孔秀琴、李玫郁、蔡永聰,2011,「擇時、四四三三法則與貝它避險策略下基金之績效分析-短期效率市場之驗證」,台灣銀行季刊,第62卷,第1期,第242-255頁。
  14. 李玫郁、孔秀琴、楊琮泰、李堯賢,2010,「民宿客房預收訂金率之決定與經濟效率分析」,中華管理學報,第11卷,第2期,第45-62頁。
  15. 吳芝文、李玫郁, 2009,「異質廠商,獨佔性競爭與貿易政策」,經濟論文叢刊,第37卷,第213-234頁。(TSSCI)
  16. Yi-Hsien Wang, Mei-Yu Lee and Che-Yang Lin, 2008 “General Election, Political Change and Market Efficiency: Long- and Short-term Perspective in Developed Stock Market,” Journal of Money, Investment and Banking,No. 3, 58-67.(EconLit).

Working papers

  1. Durbin-Watosn test
  2. Durbin-Watson test is a test of checking the third assumption of regression depending on a multiple regression model with error having first-order autocorrelation. This is not AR(1) model. In fact, AR(1) model is the explained varaible and explanatory variable has the first-order autocorrelation while the errors are followed the standard regression assumptions. So, the researchers can check the AR(1) model by stationary, that is finite difference method.
    However, Durbin-Watson test is based on the multiple regression model with breaking third assumption of regression. The variance-covariance matrices are not the same!
    We have seen that many papers support the defence and availability of Durbin-Watson test. There are many problems of Durbin-Watson test, and the following papers explain the Durbin-Watson test table is wrong. There are total 14 papers which revise the Durbin-Watson test table in the regressive models from the simplest to the most complex multiple regression.

    The software of Bayesian Durbin-Watson test model (White model I) has been free online: Bayesian DW test model

  3. The application of curve-linear regression
  4. Distributed Game


  1. The Truth of Serial Correlation and Autocorrelation: Durbin-Watson test' Problems and Solution (Traditional Chinese Edition)(Forthcoming)